Who are we ?

You have received a letter or a call from Recocash ?

Recocash has been a recognized player of Amicable & Judicial Debt Recovery since 1971. More than 150 Recocash employees deal every day with with late payments. As debt recovery experts, our approach always favors the search for amicable solutions ensuring respect of both parties.

It is likely that you purchased a product or subscribed to a service and that the corresponding invoice has not been paid yet. It may be a simple oversight of yours or you could be experiencing financial difficulties? Our role is to assist you in order to find a solution and to allow you to honor your commitments vis-à-vis your creditor.

Because every situation is unique,

Recocash will always be looking for a personalized solution with you.

Any questions about your reminder letter? Do not hesitate to review our FAQ section that will help you according to your situation.